Linux and Mac builds are now available!

Added Linux and Mac builds!

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Apr 05, 2019

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thanks again for a macOS version. really quite fantastic.

As this has been said, the controller is not working right. using a XboxOne Controller & whilst the analog stick does work. other buttons do not. except the dpad up which rotates the camera clockwise. other than those, everything else does not work

id also like to ask for options to allow people to say whether things are high res or not. even things like resolution. currently its quite choppy on my machine. so anything that could allow you to edit options would be great & to make things faster etc

looking forward to really diving into this as I bought it right away when I saw it, since it looks beautiful.

plus saw you are looking for a composer. if by chance you wanna chat about it. let me know, id be interested to chat & see if we could work together

Thank you for the information. I think I'm going to have to invest is some kinda tool that translates my inputs to Mac. I'm not sure why it would be different on a Mac vs Windows. I'm using a standards button number call out to identify the buttons on the controller.

Does you mouse and keyboard buttons work correctly?

cheers for getting back so quickly

xbox controllers are weird. since the inputs change ever so slightly, with what button is placed where. i have a json file that contains controller data for my own game stuff.

personally i would have thought unity itself would of had something in place for this. but im not sure.

mouse/keyboard works. but there is lag between presses since the game itself is a bit slow. but they do work none-the-less

Just did some research and Mac Xbox Controller mapping in completely different than Windows :( You would think Unity3d would just translate but oh well. I'll work on mapping everything correctly.

Not sure why its running slow for you... Its a pretty small poly count game.


aye. it's weird.

no idea myself. though I do remember i put a question into the unity forum regarding this. I think some one said about not having a locked FPS or something like that. though I don't think I could find the question again, since it was about 8 years ago

but either way. it would be nice to have an option for controlling what is rendered better than other things.

but hey. thanks for looking the controllers up ;)

Thanks for releaseing a  Mac version as well! Just tried it out quickly. The game starts ok, but the controller mapping does not work for my wired Xbox controller: stick to run around is OK, but the buttons are not working. Don't know how to get more debug info, but if there is a way, I am happy to provide that.

Thx for supporting Linux! Gets looks great. Will try it as soon as I get a little time. =)


I second that. Thank you for the Linux build. Much appreciated :)