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I really enjoyed the most recent update to this game! Great job.  The look is great and so is the sound.  Really good stuff here so far!

I just pledged on Kickstarter and played the demo (weird order, I know) and I liked it a lot. While there still is a lot to be improved, the basics are close to perfect. Music and graphics manage to create a great atmosphere and the gameplay is already proven, with the rougelike keeping it fresh.

Best of luck with Kickstarter and your projekt in general.

Thank you so much! I’m am definitely still balancing and perfecting the gameplay.

I love what is in the game so far. The world, the style, and the desings are all really nice, but unfortunately I can't get past the boss because I keep running into bugs that make it difficult to dodge or even just move. I really hope to see the bugs fixed eventually and give this another shot. I made a video, I hope you enjoy! 


Hi Cyberwolf! Great video! I was able to fix the wall/dash collision you experienced in the boss room as well as the boomerang throwing bug. I'm still fixing a couple more things and will eventually update the demo. Thanks for the feedback.

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Just uploaded fixed version. Also added a new weapon. The Boomerang! Check it out!

This was a really fun play. Hope you hit your target man. Keep up the good work.

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This is amazing! I'll be sure to support the project in any way I possibly can going forward!

Thank you! Glad you like it!

Beat the boss, that's a win for me. :) 

Seems like this has a lot of cool stuff going for it. Love the visuals, the pixel art and monochrome fit really well together and the music is awesome! Only criticism I have is that the enemies have no telegraph so getting in close to do damage always felt like a gamble if I was going to get hit or not.